Bitcoin GPU: Bitcoin is splitting again! Free money?

bitcoin gpu

Are you ready for another bout of free money? They are calling it Bitcoin GPU. Bitcoin may split again on or around October 25th. This fork is rumored to be similar to the previous fork, Bitcoin Cash, in which bitcoin split between bitcoin legacy and bitcoin cash. Users of bitcoin were awarded the same amount in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that they had in bitcoin (BTC). So if you had 1 BTC, you were given 1 less expensive BCH. Although the price difference between BTC and BTC was massive, users did not mind the extra cash at all. In fact, most people converted their BCH.

bitcoin gpu

It is important to note that Bitcoin Gold is not guaranteed on the specified date. The choice is up to a majority of bitcoin miners to choose what platform they want to stick with. It is also possible that the market will have little to no volatility. The key is to keep an eye on the prices and volume for various exchanges to keep yourself up to date.  If all goes well, there are some rumored exchanges that will support Bitcoin Gold. Notably and It is preferable to find a wallet service that supports Bitcoin Gold.

“If you’re on an exchange or use a hardware wallet that supports Bitcoin Gold before the split then you don’t have to do anything.”

How to claim your Bitcoin Gold:

If you have your money somewhere other than a supported exchange or hardware wallet, You need to put your coins in a wallet that you have the seed to. A seed is a 12 word pass phrase that wallets often ask users to write down during installation. If you do not have your seed, obtaining your Bitcoin Gold will be anywhere from extremely hard to impossible. Never share your seed with someone. Never send it over the internet, and if you can, try to not have it saved on a computer. This is all to avoid potential hacking and data loss.

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