What is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? – Updated

bitcoin cash
bitcoin cash

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash developed from a split of the Bitcoin Blockchain. There have been many splits including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, BitcoinX, UnitedBitcoin, and Super Bitcoin. Some of these splits are complete trash. The most popular of these split coins is Bitcoin Cash also known as BCH or BCC on some exchanges.

It is important to note that there are a lot of people who like to call Bitcoin Cash, “Bcash” because they feel the need to prevent confusion between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. To make matters worse, there is actually a not-so-well-known cryptocurrency in the works called Bcash, so the term Bcash will not be viable for Bitcoin Cash and users of crypto will have to educate themselves or be forced to lose money due to confusion.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin Cash’s price is 12% of Bitcoin’s price. Bitcoin is $18,297 and Bitcoin Cash is $2,365. From my limited research, BCH seems to hover around 10% of Bitcoins price. Currently BTC’s market cap is $306.5 Billion which is half of the whole crypto market cap. BCH’s market cap is about $40 Billion. BCH’s market cap is about 13% of BTC’s market cap.

The introduction to mass awareness of cryptocurrency in early December has sent all crypto coins sky rocketing in the order that they are likely to be discovered. Coinbase, crypto’s largest American crypto institution only offers BTC, LTC and ETH to buy and sell. Naturally those three coins were the first ones to really take off. Now, in mid December, we get to see some of fascination of altcoins turn into profits for those that have been holding.

Coinbase has announced that users who had Bitcoin in their Coinbase Wallet on August 1st will receive the same fraction of a coin in Bitcoin Cash on January 1st. Bitcoin Cash will be the fourth coin to be added to Coinbase and is sure to endure some kind of spike from the Holiday Season into early 2018.

Update – Mere hours after this article was written, Coinbase emailed it’s users of a BCH update. GDAX had at one point, $70 million dollars in BCH orders at $8,499. Very exciting news.

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