Fortune Jack is an amazing crypto casino

fortune jack
fortune jack

The pro’s at Fortune Jack are plentiful starting with the fact that they don’t ask for a lot of personal information. You put in crypto, you play, you withdraw crypto. I went from $25 to $800 in one week playing live blackjack. That was right before I lost $600, but that is a story about greed for another time. The Live games are really fun and the live dealers are attractive and friendly. Some of the dealers are funny and it’s not hard to find a nice dealer at any hour of the day.

fortune jack

fortune jack

Some of the cons are that withdrawals of large sums of money take longer because Fortune Jack likes to investigate sometimes. I don’t blame them. I’ve found a bug myself. Another con is that Fortune Jack got rid of their currency trade feature. Sure, the price to trade was almost double what other exchanges charge but if for some reason Fortune Jack ran out of Dash and you needed your money right away, you’d be able to trade for another coin and withdrawal.

“All in all, I would still recommend this online casino over other casinos.”

Without their currency trade feature your money may be stuck in Fortune Jack until their bank is replenished with the currency you want to withdraw. Fortune Jack ran out of Dash for 4 days once. It could of been a fluke but I wouldn’t know because never I deposited dash again after that one incident. Dash transactions are super fast but not being able to withdraw is such an extreme downside for an online casino. The last con is the buy-in for Live Black Jack is 25mbtc no matter what the price of bitcoin is. So back in the day you could do $15 hands. Now, since bitcoin is over $4,000, even the rookie rooms have to start with $100 hands. You can bet with much smaller denominations such as $3 in bitcoin when playing the blackjack flash games. Fortune Jack claims to have a bunch of provably fair games as well.

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