How to get in on trading bitcoin if you’re new to the scene.

So you’re new to crypto and you want a portfolio but you have no idea what to do. This post should explain what is the safest route for a conservative portfolio so you can ride the fluctuations of the market and no longer have a fear of missing out (FOMO).

This Market Cap snap shot was taken at 10am on December 10th, 2017. You can see that the following 8 coins I will be talking about are in the top 13. Almost every coin in the top 15 are notable coins but I will be focusing on 8 specific coins because of their popularity, usability, and underlying technology.

What are the top 5 coins? (Subject to change)

Bitcoin (BTC) –   (We love you Satoshi)
Litecoin (LTC) –          LTC is a split of BTC Creating Litecoin
Ethereum (ETH) –
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – BCH is a split of BTC
Dash (DASH) –  

Special mention

Ripple (XRP)

So How should you invest?

A Conservative portfolio should have the most popular currencies. BTC, LTC & ETH.

40% BTC
20% LTC
20% ETH

A Moderate portfolio should have a mix of the most popular and the well known altcoins.

30% BTC
20% LTC
20% ETH
10% BCH
10% DASH
10% NEO

An aggressive portfolio could have anything, and everything in it, but you should take caution and not buy things that you’ve never heard or read about unless you’re feeling lucky, in which case, you’d be gambling. There’s nothing wrong with gambling but gambling is not investing. Example:
20% BTC
10% LTC
10% ETH
10% BCH
10% DASH
10% NEO
10% XRP
5% Stellar Lumnes (XLM)
5% Zcash (ZEC)

These percentages and coins can vary for your personal portfolio. If you would like to read more about a coin please see, the official website of the coin, the reddit thread for the coin, and search for that coin on After all that reading, you should have a good understanding on the underlying technology of the coin and where it might be headed.

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